Graduate Student Learning Communities


Classroom Inquiry

CITL Facilitator: Katie Kearns (

Semester Offered: Two-semester program (both fall and spring semesters); applications for 2017-2018 due August 31st, 5pm

Description: Graduate student participants will engage in evidence-based and reflective teaching practice. Grounded in discussions of literature about learning and pedagogy, participants will develop, implement, and assess an innovative approach that addresses a learning challenge for their students. Graduate students will also gain experience communicating professionally about their teaching. This community of inquiry and encouragement will foster an evolution in teaching techniques and a greater attentiveness to scholarly teaching.

Criteria needed to apply:

  • One year of teaching experience at the college level
  • Completed a department-based pedagogy course or G700
  • Full-year teaching commitment for 2017-2018
  • Available for meetings from 1:30 – 3pm on September 11, September 25, October 16, October 30, November 13, November 27, and December 11. Spring meeting dates T.B.A.

Intersections of Identity and Instruction

CITL Facilitator: Rachel Boveja (

Semester Offered: Spring semesters only

Description: Diverse, historically underrepresented and/or underserved graduate students face particular difficulties as associate instructors (e.g., discrimination, marginalization, isolation, problems with classroom authority, etc.). These challenges can impede AIs’ productive identity formation as both teachers and scholars in higher education. The Intersections of Identity and Instruction Graduate Student Learning Community seeks to promote the engagement and professional development of diverse graduate students as associate instructors. This community will provide a safe space for engaging instructors in strategies for holistic and equitable education.

Criteria needed to apply:

  • Teaching experience at the college level

Talking About Teaching

CITL Facilitator: Leslie Drane (

Semester Offered: Fall semesters only; applications for Fall 2017 due August 31st, 5pm

Description: This graduate student learning community will promote the engagement and professional development of graduate students as they prepare to talk about their teaching in a variety of settings and to multiple audiences. Through workshops, readings, and the creation of pedagogy-related materials, members will learn about strategies on how to share what they have learned about teaching with others. Topics will include: backward course design, writing course syllabi, creating diversity statements, organizing a teaching portfolio, and approaching an academic interview. Participants will receive opportunities to practice talking about teaching and will leave the community having produced multiple pedagogy-related materials.

Criteria needed to apply:

  • Available for meetings from 1:30 – 3 pm on September 8, September 22, October 5, October 19, November 3, November 17, December 1, and December 15