Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management

What is Classroom Management?

Whether you are a seasoned instructor or new to the craft, there are many decisions you make about any course you teach. The instructor's routines and expectations for a course can be grouped under the title of "classroom management." Whether you are aware of it or not, these decisions are guided by your personal beliefs and knowledge about how people learn (also known as your teaching philosophy). Some examples of components of classroom management at the college level include how you:

Application: Examples of Classroom Management Strategies

In the videos below, observe the instructors' different perspectives on components of classroom management, including:

  • Student accountability
  • Developing appropriate relationships with students
  • Facilitating interactions between students for optimal learning
  • Communicating expectations to students

Developing Learning Goals

Holding Students Accountable Helps Them Learn

Strategies for Addressing the Challenges of Teaching in Comparative Literature

Holding Students Accountable

Establishing the Tone for Your Class

Teaching in Gender Studies

Establishing Authority in the Classroom

Addressing the Challenges of Teaching in Gender Studies