Kaltura is a cloud-based video management application. It was piloted through December 2014 and has been selected for continued use and integration with Canvas, IU's new learning management system. It allows users to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video and audio files directly from their Canvas course sites. Users can easily upload and record media (including screen casts and web cam recordings), organize and share their content, and view and interact with their media via captions, comments, and more. Accounts are available to IU students, faculty, and staff. Below are main uses of the app:

  • Instructor creates and uploads videos for student access
  • Have students upload videos accessible to all
  • Have students upload videos accessible to faculty only
  • A YouTube-like space for departments to store and share videos

The results of the pilot are available in this evaluation report. According to the report, "70% of the faculty respondents believed that Kaltura increased their efficiency and effectiveness as an instructor." As to student findings, "over 80% of student respondents found Kaltura easy to use and useful for their learning."

How Can I Access Kaltura?

  • Go to http://canvas.iu.edu, then click the Login button and enter your IU username and passphrase to access the Canvas system.
  • Click a specific course for which you would like to use the tool.
  • Click on Kaltura in the course navigation on the left.

Where Do I Start Learning about Kaltura?

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