Academic Integrity

Academic integrity requires both students and teachers alike to conduct themselves in a straightforward and honorable manner. Indiana University, like all academic institutions, exists for the advancement of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students, and the promotion of the general well being of society. We hold free inquiry, expression, and exchange of ideas as the foundations of academic pursuit, which consists of study, instruction, evaluation, or research.

Academic integrity is a joint endeavor. Instructors should be prepared for all student-teacher encounters, meet classes as scheduled, evaluate students’ work fairly and impartially, and be prompt for prearranged conferences and regularly scheduled office hours. Inappropriate language, off-color remarks, or jokes in class or conferences, as well as frequent deviations from the course topic have no proper place in the academy. In turn, students should fulfill in a reasonable way the requirements and expectations of the course as stated by the instructor.