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Creating a CURE

for Chemistry Students

For the past several years, Laura Brown, Ph. D., a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has informally surveyed students of her upper level Organic Chemistry laboratory course on their participation in research. Through these surveys, Brown found that a sizable portion of students were missing out on gaining valuable research experience.

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The Aspirational Curriculum Map

A Model for Action-Oriented Program Review

When the process of curriculum mapping begins with the faculty's articulations of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students should master upon graduation, a curriculum map results that enables faculty to review the curriculum for effectiveness, see the workings of the whole curriculum at a glance, plan assessments, and recognize where adjustments or changes need to be made.

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SOTL Reading Group

The Spark of Learning

When we talk about teaching & learning we tend to focus on the cognitive and student engagement aspects of creating learning experiences.  However, the affective state of students directly impacts teaching & learning as well.  In her book The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion (West Virginia University Press, 2016), Sarah Rose Cavanagh (Associate Professor of Psychology, Assumption College) shares “the potential power of emotions to fuel learning” (amazon.com).  Some of the topics we will discuss in the book group will include the impact of emotion on learning; motivation and curiosity; student persistence; and dealing with negative emotions.  

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How to Not Change Everything About Your Tech-Media Course

Every. Single. Semester.

Have you ever spent eight hours re-making a tutorial or exercise that you just made the previous semester? (Me.) Or relied on an online resource for instruction that disappears right before you assign it? (Yup.) Or brought up an example in class and it no longer works because the program was updated mid-semester? (Sigh.)

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