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Creating and Managing Effective Student Teams

There are many reasons to put students in teams – teaching them to work in teams, the learning benefits of collaboration, the diversity benefits of finding out other students’ perspectives, and the ability to provide a deeper level of feedback on the smaller number of assignments submitted by student teams are among them. For all these benefits, having students work in teams introduces other issues for faculty to manage – from forming teams to dealing with teams in crisis to evaluating how much each student contributed to assignments submitted as a team. Research-based strategies to address these issues will be discussed, and award-winning online tools that can help will be introduced – tools that also provide opportunities for faculty to engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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Understanding the Context of Data

Humanities and the Future

When we talk about data what comes to mind might be percentages, standard deviations, and effect sizes. With a fair degree of ease, we can find meaning in the data we’re given yet students do not automatically consider the context in which this data are created. This is something Kalani Craig, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of History, regularly asks her students to consider in her class on The Black Death.

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