Annual Classroom Climate Workshop

Associate Instructor Classroom Climate Workshop

We’re occasionally asked if we offer a day-long Classroom Climate Workshop. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the staff to implement programming that matches our fall orientation offerings. However, this year, we’re offering workshops throughout January, that will introduce your graduate student instructors to some foundational skills for inclusive teaching. Please keep in mind, that all graduate student instructors should attend the fall Classroom Climate Workshop series, so to fulfill requirements established by the Bloomington Faculty Council. The Classroom Climate workshop satisfies the requirement by the Bloomington Faculty Council policy that all new associate instructors receive training in enhanced understanding of cultural diversity (1990). Pre-registration is necessary for workshops. Click the link to register.  

Programming that is similar to Classroom Climate Workshops: 

  1.  January 13th: Leading Discussions 
  2.  January 14th: Inclusive Grading for Student Writing: Practice-Based Approaches 
  3.  January 22nd: Microresistance as Technique to Address Microaggressions in our Classrooms