Annual Classroom Climate Workshop

Associate Instructor Classroom Climate Workshop

In order to support the University's goals of supporting diversity and equitable instruction on campus, the CITL offers the annual Classroom Climate Workshop (CCW) each fall. This program satisfies the requirements established by the Bloomington Faculty Council that all new Associate Instructors receive training in enhanced understanding of cultural diversity. In CCW, we orient graduate student instructors on compliance with federal laws and IU policies regarding classroom inclusion and equity, and provide opportunities to learn about and apply key concepts related to equitable and inclusive teaching.

For Fall 2021, CCW will be delivered by a set of asynchronous online modules. We are hopeful this format provides new AIs with more flexibility in their busy schedules at the start of the semester. Graduate students may self-enroll in the Canvas course and complete the training at their own pace. In order to allow the CITL to report on participation to the campus and schools, all work on the CCW modules should be completed by 8:00 am EDT, September 13, 2021.

Enroll in the Classroom Climate Workshops Canvas site here. (IU login required.)

Note: CCW is separate from Associate Instructor Orientation. CCW is a campus requirement, while AI Orientation is recommended and required by some departments. CCW is also separate from any required department- or school-based training.

Contact if you have any questions about CCW or have problems with the Canvas site.