Associate Instructor Support

Associate Instructor Support

CITL recognizes the unique instructional position that graduate students have as Associate Instructors (AIs). These online and face-to-face resources are for AIs with varying levels of classroom independence and autonomy, as well as for graduate students who are not serving as AIs, but would like to learn more about teaching. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Annual AI Orientation - The Associate Instructor Orientation, offered each August, is a full day of workshops for new and experienced AIs. The goal of AI Orientation is to equip AIs with the skills, practices, and technologies necessary for stronger pedagogies across all disciplines and classroom formats.

Classroom Climate Workshop – The Classroom Climate Workshop, offered each August, is a mandatory event for all new AIs. Participants will learn about Federal laws and IU policies regarding classroom inclusion and equity, as well as equitable teaching practices. 

Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship Program - This program supplements departmental resources for teaching by providing structured tiers of professional development exclusive to graduate students. Participants create multiple products necessary for the academic market, practice evidence-based teaching, and develop a community of scholars through this self-paced program. 

Graduate Student Learning Communities - Apply to join a cohort of graduate students to discuss a specific teaching and learning topic, while creating an inclusive community. The topic of graduate student learning communities may change from semester to semester!

Pedagogy Courses for Credit - This page contains a list of courses across IU Bloomington that offer discipline-specific instruction in pedagogy. Graduate students who are no longer in the course-work phase of their degrees may still benefit from the included syllabi from the pedagogy courses. Since this page is updated annually, please return to browse updated pedagogy course offerings!

Internal and External Resources - Containing over 60 links, this page will provide graduate students with internal and external sources that address the (1) "nuts and bolts" of teaching and learning, (2) teaching in action, (3) inquiry into teaching and learning, (4) teaching as transferable skills, and (5) peer mentorship and leadership about teaching.