Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

The effective use of teaching and learning technologies is an increasingly important part of good teaching. CITL provides support for a wide variety of technology needs—from the selection of the right tools to understanding the best ways of implementing them in your teaching. Our consultants always put teaching and learning first, so talk to us about your instructional goals, and we will help you find the right technologies and pedagogies to meet your needs.

Please see the Teaching Resources section of the CITL website for information about specific technologies. Also see the Events page for upcoming workshops, or contact us for individual assistance or the creation of customized workshops for your department.

How can we assist you or your department with teaching and learning technologies? CITL staff members can help you:

  1. Identify appropriate technologies
    • identify technologies that can address specific learning bottlenecks or challenges
    • match specific tools to your teaching goals
    • investigate and evaluate new technologies
  2. Learn to use technologies
    • understand specific tools (such as Canvas, Turning Technologies, Turnitin, etc.) and develop approaches to integrating them into your teaching practices
    • train you to use tools most effectively (sometimes in conjunction with UITS IT Training services)
    • capture and convert print, audio, and video content for use in your classes
    • explore the development of original rich media content—video, graphics, multimedia, etc. 
  3. Implement technologies
    • identify the best ways to move content and collaboration online
    • help you anticipate and plan for problems that your students might experience

Contact CITL for assistance with these and other instructional technology issues. For technical help with specific technologies, try the IU Knowledge Base.