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What Is It?

Student Response Systems (SRSs) are used in a classroom to rapidly collect answers to questions from every student, and if desired, to graphically display a summary of data. This helps instructors activate the classroom as well as peers to engage with each other while interacting with complex materials. There are currently two supported Student Response Systems at IU:

Top Hat | This system utilizes no separate hardware but rather asks students to use the devices they already have with them in class including a phone, tablet, or laptop. No additional hardware needs to be installed on the computer to run polling and Top Hat is integrated with Canvas and has the ability to synchronize grades. If you intend to use Top Hat student response system for the summer 2017 and/or fall 2017 semester, please complete this planning form so that technology support will be available to you and students.

TurningPoint Cloud | This system has hardware (physical clickers) and software options (for phones, tablets, and laptops). These two options can be used together in the same classroom so students can opt for either. This system does require that software (TurningPoint Cloud) be installed on the instructor computer and a USB receiver must also be used (for physical clickers). TurningPoint is integrated with Canvas and has the ability to synchronize grades.

NOTICE: Support for this system will only continue through Second Summer Session 2017 at which point Top Hat will become the only supported system.

What Can I Do with It?

Student Engagement | SRSs can be used to increase student engagement during class, to assess student preparation and learning, and to seek students’ opinions and attitudes.

Peer Instruction | SRSs have been shown to be especially useful for peer instruction, in which students are presented with a thought-provoking question and allowed to submit an individual answer. After the results are displayed, students discuss their answers and reasoning in pairs or small groups.

Low Stakes Assessments | SRSs can be associated with an individual student, therefore can use utilized to administer low-stakes assessments.

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