eTexts and Unizin Engage

eTexts Engage

What is it?

The IU eTexts initiative focuses on delivering digital materials to students at a reduced cost, while providing faculty with new tools for teaching and learning.

Engage is the university-standard digital content platform that allows faculty to organize, deliver, and interact with students through their online learning material.

These materials can be publishers’ texts and related content, open educational resources, and faculty-produced materials.

How does IU eTexts Engage support learning?

Engage integrates directly with Canvas and enables faculty to annotate the course materials, highlighting and adding comments to important text.

Students can interact with the texts across multiple devices – laptops, tablets, and smartphones – both on and off-line. All students have access to the course materials on the first day of class.

In Engage, students are able to:

  • View the instructors notes and highlights
  • Highlight, tag, search, and annotate text
  • Print pages and chapters directly from Unizin Engage
  • Collaborate with study groups

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