Canvas Overview

What Is It?

Canvas is Indiana University’s Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas can be accessed at using your IU username and passphrase. The IUB Registrar adds all of the students and the Faculty of Record to the official Canvas course site well in advance of each semester.

What Can I Do with It?

Instructors use Canvas to share course content such as the syllabus, assignments, readings, and other course content. Canvas provides many ways to engage students inside and outside of class with online discussions, group projects, and quizzes for mastery. Students can submit several types of assignments including images, text, audio, and video. Canvas facilitates online and on-screen grading and annotating of assignment submissions. Instructors can provide various forms of feedback (annotations, text, audio, or video) in a number of tools.

Canvas also supports peer review of papers and discussion posts, facilitates group work, and incorporates a number ofexternal toolssuch as Kaltura MediaTurnitin, and Google Docs. Canvas also allows for the easy integration of video from various sources in many tools including Assignments, Announcements, Discussions, Quizzes and the Syllabus. 

Many instructors have also switched to using eTexts delivered using Canvas instead of traditional textbooks. Learn more about ways in which instructors use eTexts in their classes.

Helpful Resources

Workshops, webinars, and consultations

The CITL offers workshops and individual consultations throughout the year on how to effectively use Canvas and other instructional technologies for teaching and learning. For a current list of CITL offerings, go to the CITL's events page. If you would prefer to schedule an individual consultation on Canvas or any other instructional technology, please contact us.

We partner with IT Training to offer Canvas webinars (listed on our events page) and recordings. For links to recorded webinars, visit the IT Training website.

Self-study Options

Canvas Instructor QuickStart Guide and the Canvas video guides
These guides will introduce you to Canvas and its many features and will help you set up your course.

IU Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base provides information about Canvas that is specific to IU.

For assistance with Canvas and other learning technologies, please contact CITL or call 812 855-9023.