Annual AI Orientation

Teaching Orientation Workshops for Associate Instructors

We’re occasionally asked if we offer a day-long Spring Associate Instructor Orientation. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the staff to implement programming that matches our fall orientation offerings. However, this year, we’re offering workshops throughout January, that will introduce your graduate student instructors to some foundational skills for teaching. Pre-registration is necessary for workshops. Click the link to register.  


Programming that is similar to AI Orientation: 

(To fulfill, GTAP Associate Requirement 1, you must attend 3 of these events.) 

  1. January 7th: Get Ready for Spring in Canvas 
  2. January 8th: Teaching @ IU: Getting Started with Canvas webinar 
  3. January 10th: Try Out Top Hat for Student Engagement 
  4. January 13th: Leading Discussions 
  5. January 15th: How to design a STEM lab 
  6. January 16th: AI Orientation - Canvas and Learning Technologies at IUB 
  7. January 21st: Community-Engaged Learning: Critical Reflection to Deepen Student Learning 
  8. January 23rd: Service-Learning: Building Community-Based Partnerships Rooted in Trust 
  9. January 31st: Peer Review of Student Assignments Across the Disciplines