Fall 2021 Teaching Faculty Symposium

Fall 2021 Teaching Faculty Symposium

The CITL and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education announce a Call for Proposals for the Fall 2021 Teaching Faculty Symposium.

This symposium provides an opportunity for selected Teaching Faculty (full-time faculty in the lecturer, clinical, visiting, professor of practice, or other non-tenure track ranks) an opportunity to showcase examples of innovative, exemplary teaching as well as to demonstrate pedagogical leadership.

Faculty members who are chosen to be presenters will be paid an honorarium of $500, which will be added into their salary.

Themes for this year’s Teaching Faculty Symposium:

  1. Active learning and student engagement: Strategies for helping students engage with course content and each other; innovative ways to help students learn both in and outside the classroom
  2. Strategies to promote student success in large classes: Ways to connect with students in large classes and build community; strategies for making active learning in large classes manageable; innovative ways to use technology (Canvas, TopHat, or other platforms) to engage students either in or outside the classroom
  3. Equitable teaching practices: Strategies to promote equity or inclusion in courses, including through the choice of course content or readings, assessment and grading methods, or through community-building in the course

Presentation Dates: All presentations in the Symposium will take place in the week of October 18–22, 2021.

Eligibility and requirements for presenters:

  • We invite proposals from full-time teaching faculty of any rank (lecturer, clinical, visiting, professor of practice, and other non-tenure track ranks) and level. To apply, please complete this application form.

  • Special consideration will be given to proposals describing teaching practices that have evidence of improving student learning outcomes, learning gains on particular assignments, student self-efficacy, etc.

  • Two or three faculty members will be chosen to present on each theme. The 2-3 individuals chosen to present on a specific theme will meet together to learn about each other’s innovative teaching practices and plan a panel presentation that includes the following elements:
    • A brief description by each presenter about their teaching innovation
    • Tips and strategies for getting started implementing the teaching strategies discussed
    • Questions and answers; general discussion

  • Each faculty presenter will also prepare and record a brief (5 minutes or less) video describing their teaching innovation. These videos will be posted on the CITL website along with information about the panel presentations, and will serve as previews and permanent records of the teaching innovations. Specific instructions and examples of effective videos will be provided to the presenters.

Deadline for proposals: Friday, September 24

For more information:

Contact Lisa Kurz (Principal Instructional Consultant for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Development), CITL; kurz@indiana.edu.