The ACE Award for Exceptional Facilitation of Community-Engaged Learning

The ACE Award for Exceptional Facilitation of Community-Engaged Learning

Application Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2022

Please submit nominations online at Community-Engaged Learning Awards.

The Service-Learning Program at IUB welcomes nominations from ACE agencies and IUB faculty for the 2021-2022 ACE Award for Exceptional Facilitation of Community-Engaged Learning. This award recognizes Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE) who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the facilitation of community-engaged learning at their agencies and to campus.

This includes:

  • Exhibiting an impressive depth of understanding of their agency, the social issues addressed by their agency, and the ability to represent and communicate on behalf of their agency to students and faculty;
  • Demonstrating consistently high quality service to their agency, students, and faculty, or completing a special project for an agency that successfully meets a genuine agency need;
  • Showing a high level of responsibility and professionalism.


Nominations should be for students in a community-engaged learning class offered during the 2021-2022 academic year. Nominations should include:

1) A nominating letter that identifies:

  • The ACE agency or community-engaged learning course and semester;
  • Examples of the ACE performing exceptional work facilitating and maintaining community-engaged learning partnerships;
  • Examples of the ACE using knowledge of social issues addressed by agency to help service- learners understand agency mission and work.

2) A statement of support from either the ACE agency or a faculty member that identifies:

  • The impact the ACE had either at the ACE agency or on course partnerships.

Please submit nominations online via the link above and any questions to Michael Valliant, Director, Service-Learning Program, Indiana University, Bloomington,  Deadline for nominations is Friday, April 22, 2022.