Eric Sandweiss

Class Builds Virtual Exhibit of Cities and Their Histories

Spotlight, April 2015

Professor Sandweiss wanted his W125: Cities and History students to accomplish these goals:

  • to understand the history of cities and urbanizations worldwide to the present time

  • to think in visual terms (historians primarily use text)

  • to write clear, original work relating to change over time—history’s stock-in-trade

To help achieve these objectives, Prof. Sandweiss developed online course resources, such as unit information and readings, along with a collection area and exhibition area for students’ research—a virtual museum exhibit. Students engaged in research, collaborative learning, and digital writing using digital imagery. Working collaboratively using Google sites as a platform, students uploaded digital artifacts that were classified along particular themes. Students used a template that was created for the class to help organize their text and image elements into a coherent narrative for the virtual exhibit.

A Photo of Eric Sandweiss

Eric Sandweiss is a Chairman, Professor, and Carmony Chair for the Department of History; Editor for the Indiana Magazine of History; and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology.