Summer Instructional Development Fellowships

Summer Instructional Development Fellowships

Deadline: Monday, February 25, 2019, 9:00 am

All application materials, including recommendation letters, must be received by the deadline above to be considered. Send all materials via email to

Call for Proposals

The Summer Instructional Development Fellowship (SIDF) program supports faculty members’ efforts to enhance student learning by encouraging innovative approaches to instruction and the development of measurable learning outcomes. The intent of the SIDF is to provide faculty members with compensation during the summer months so they can focus their full attention and energy on the proposed project.

The SIDF will give special attention to proposals for developing innovative course designs that support student success in ways outlined in the IUB Strategic Plan.

Examples may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development of innovative flipped or blended approaches to highly-subscribed undergraduate classes
  • Promotion of intercultural knowledge/skills through the globalization of course content and activities
  • Innovative models for engaging students in original research or creative activities
  • Approaches to encouraging interdisciplinary thinking

Applicants are encouraged to make clear connections to IUB Strategic Plan objectives and/or actions, including any alignments between the proposed project and departmental/school efforts to focus on those items. More information about the campus strategic plan.

Applicants are also encouraged to identify how they will assess the impact of the new course design on student learning and success.

The Award

The award for a Summer Instructional Development Fellowship is $8,000 per project proposal. If more than one faculty member is involved in the proposed project, they will share the fellowship award. Three-fourths ($6,000) of the fellowship award will be disbursed during the summer months when it is anticipated the bulk of the project work will occur.  The remainder of the award ($2,000) will be disbursed after the course or project is completed and the faculty member submits a report outlining the outcomes of the work (see Requirements below).

Note: SIDF awards are made cooperatively through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (OVPUE) and the faculty member’s home school; the cost of each award is split between OVPUE and the respective school.

Eligibility and Requirements

The Summer Instructional Development Fellowship is open to all full-time faculty members (tenure track and non-tenure track) on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Recipients are expected to devote the equivalent of eight weeks full-time to their project and will not engage in teaching or administrative activities during that period. 

At the end of the Fall 2018 semester, recipients are required to submit a brief summary report that outlines the activities and outcomes associated with the funded project. 

In addition, SIDF recipients may be asked to participate in a CITL sponsored event(s) in order to disseminate the results of the project work to campus-wide audience.

Application Guidelines

All application materials, including recommendation letters, must be received by the deadline above to be considered. Send all materials via email to the CITL

A complete application consists of:

  • A completed CITL grant sheet
  • Project proposal limited to 1,500 words. The proposal should be written in clear, effective prose, keeping in mind that the review committee most likely will be composed of individuals who are not specialists in the applicant’s field. The proposal should include a project timeline and a plan to assess the project’s impact on student learning.
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Statement of the instructor’s qualifications for completing this project, including prior work with the pedagogies and technologies being applied
  • Department (and/or School) support statement indicating the need for this course and the unit's willingness to offer the course being developed.
  • Letter of support from the school (Associate Dean level or higher) indicating willingness to co-fund the award ($4000 commitment).

Evaluation of the Proposal

A committee consisting of faculty members and CITL consultants will review applications shortly after the submission deadline and fellowship recipients will be notified after they complete their deliberations, at the latest by April 8th. Members of the review committee will rate each proposal on the basis of the following criteria:

  • creativity of the approach
  • clear contributions to the IUB Strategic Plan
  • feasibility (competence of investigator, likelihood of accomplishment, use of appropriate pedagogies and technologies)
  • potential benefit of the project for the discipline and/or university
  • incorporation and application of clear student learning outcomes
  • departmental support (how project relates to departmental goals and other initiatives)
  • clarity, detail, and coherence of projected description

Project proposals and supporting documentation should be sent via email to:

CITL consultants are available to discuss ideas or plans for this or any grant application you may be submitting. Contact us to set up an appointment.