Online Course Design

Online Course Basics

Have you been thinking about designing and teaching an online or hybrid course but don't know how to get started? Are you already teaching online and want to know how to improve your course? Or, would you just like to find out more about designing and teaching online and hybrid courses? The CITL Online Course Basics series can help.

Online Course Basics includes workshops on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Online Course Design at IUB: A quick overview of the types of online courses at IU, characteristics of good online courses, how online courses work, and resources to help IUB instructors design and teach online courses
  • Designing Activities for Online Courses: How to design and set up effective online activities for individuals and groups
  • Copyright Issues in Online Courses: Recent decisions regarding use of copyrighted materials in online courses, using the Fair Use checklist, how to find copyright-free online materials
  • Creating Accessible Online Documents: How to create accessible Word documents and PDFs for online dissemination
  • Creating Accessible Online Media: How to create accessible audio, videos, and PowerPoint presentations to use online
  • Assessment in Online Courses: How to discouraging cheating and effectively assess online students
  • Setting Up an Online Course in Canvas: Key components of online course sites, overview of the most commonly-used tools for online courses, how to select tools to support instructional goals
  • Teaching an Online Course: Teaching strategies that work well online; how to create social and teaching presence, manage the online teaching work load, and help online students succeed
  • Quality Matters: Applying the Standards at IU: How to use the Quality Matters Rubric to review and improve an online course (see Online Course Review and Feedback)

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