First Day Strategies

First Day of Class

The first day of class can be an anxious experience for your students. Students enter the first day of class with at least four questions (Ericksen, 1984):

  • Is the class going to meet my needs?
  • Is the teacher competent?
  • Is the teacher fair?
  • Will the teacher care about me?

To this list we should add:

  • Will I be able to succeed?
  • What does the teacher expect from me?
  • What will I need to do to get a good grade?
  • Will I be able to juggle the workload for this course with the workload in my other courses?

Keep in mind that the first day of class sets the tone for the whole course. This is the best opportunity you have to establish your expectations for student achievement and behavior. Take advantage of the fact that most students will be looking for signs to indicate what the course holds for them, and will therefore be highly attentive. Therefore, be careful to communicate to students not only your high expectations for them, but also your commitment to and support for their learning.

Recommended Checklist for the First Day of Class

Prior to the First Day

  • Visit your classroom prior to the first day
  • Print and review your class roster with pictures of your students (See in Teaching Handbook)
  • Create an outline for how you will use your class time
  • Reflect on the climate you would like to create in your classroom (see also classroom civility in Teaching Handbook)

On the First Day of Class


For more about the suggestions made in the above checklist consider the chapter on conducting a successful first day in Tools for Teaching, written by Barbara Gross Davis.

It is good to know what your students are like before you meet them on the first day. Find out more about students at IUB by looking at the IU Factbook

You can also view your students’ pictures by looking in the roster tool of Oncourse. Print this sheet to help you learn your students’ names.

Watch how one professor conducts her first day of class (running time 5:39)