What Is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread has the potential to increase student engagement and online presence by allowing users to discuss around many different files types – video, audio, powerpoint, graphic, or text – using their communication mode of choice, as they can comment via microphone, webcam, keyboard, or phone. These shared communications are then available for everyone to see and add additional comments and threaded comments on.

 This cloud based application and media aggregator allows students and instructors to have asynchronous discussion about posted subjects, thus giving students a voice in the discussion so that divergent perspectives can be analyzed and learning can be enhanced. VoiceThread even makes it possible to record “live annotations” while recording a presentation. The end result is a streaming presentation that greatly improves instructor presence. VoiceThread is also integrated with Canvas. If you are interested in learning more about VoiceThread, would like to schedule a consultation with a CITL consultant, or would like to attend a workshop, you can contact us or call at 812.855.9023.

 What Can I Do with VoiceThread? 

VoiceThread’s advantage over similar services is the ease in which voice commentary can be added to items. Voice comments can be advantageous because intonation and voice patterns can convey information that may be absent or misconstrued in a text comment. Use cases can include the following:

Digital Storytelling | VoiceThread can be utilized to create a collaborative digital storytelling device for group collaboration. (See sample from Penn State University)

Review Sessions | Conduce online asynchronous review sessions for group study. (See sample from University of Kansas)

Feedback on Student Presentations | Evaluate, review, or critique an idea or a student presentation for group evaluations. (See sample from North Carolina Central University)

 Helpful Resources 

Getting Started with VoiceThread

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