Piazza Overview

What Is Piazza?

Piazza is a question and polling tool for students to post questions at any time and receive help from other students, TA’s, or instructors in that class. Students can take part in discussions, simple Q&A, and polls created by their peers or created as planned activities by the instructor. Instructors and students can vote on suggested answers to posted questions, showing the popularity of responses. With questions only being asked once to the entire class, instructors can decrease their response time while creating a more collaborative learning environment.

What Can I Do with Piazza? 

Piazza can encourage student-to-student interaction, peer-tutoring, enable students, especially in large classes, to have expanded opportunities for asking and answering questions and discussing course topics, all 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.Here’s an example:

• Handling lots of email Q&A

Managing high volumes of student questions generated in a large class can take inordinate amounts of instructor time. Piazza streamlines questions and answers, putting them all in one spot and making them easily accessible to students. It also allows students to answer questions, learn from one another, and collaborate on answers. You can organize questions into searchable folders, which makes it easy for students to find answers. This reduces email traffic: you can redirect questions received in email to Piazza, where other students sometimes answer faster than the instructor would be able to.

Helpful Piazza Resources

• Visit the Piazza Help Center, including Piazza Fundamentals, Instructor FAQs, and Tutorial Videos.

• See Why Piazza Works and view a class demo.

• View the IU Knowledge Base article “What is Piazza?”

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