eTexts and Courseload

eTexts and Courseload

An eText is more than a digital copy of a textbook. It also provides faculty with new tools for teaching and learning.

Courseload, the software that displays IU eTexts, integrates directly with IU’s Oncourse system and the new learning management system, Canvas. It enables students to search, annotate, and highlight the eText and any documents or PDFs the instructor has posted; share these annotations with other students; view embedded video; listen to embedded audio; post questions; and upload documents and PDFs for personal use and annotation. Instructors can do the same, and also view all students' annotations and questions; answer posted questions; integrate links, embedded video and audio, documents, and PDFs into the course site; and use real-time analytics to develop new teaching methods.

Courseload provides almost unlimited access to digital materials. It plays on nearly all web-enabled devices, is compatible with every modern web browser, and offers offline storage options. Students can print up to 50 pages of the eText at a time (each page of this printout will have a prominent publisher watermark). They can also purchase a high-quality, professionally-bound copy of the eText.


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Additional Resources

  • The eTexts at IU website has documentation and research related to eTexts at IU, a complete list of publishers, and a searchable database of available eTexts. The eTexts Frequently Asked Questionssection of the website has answers to many of the questions that are likely to come up during the semester. (For example, if there is an IT services interruption, are eTexts still accessible?)
  • The IUB Campus Support Center offers Courseload assistance 24/7.