Production Spaces

Indiana University’s Production Spaces

While Indiana University provides faculty with several easy-to-use software options some faculty would prefer a more “hands-off” approach. IU offers support for this preference as well: the Faculty Media Production Spaces - one located on IUB’s campus and the other located at IUPUI. These spaces provide instructors with the means and expertise to create dynamic and professional quality presentations to enhance student learning, without prior technical knowledge. Below are some of the featured technologies in this space:

  • A SMART podium for pen annotations and real-time interaction with your materials
  • Remote Presenter/clicker
  • A LightBoard, similar to a whiteboard, allows you to write on a vertical surface while facing the camera (see image below)
  • Adjustable height demonstration table
  • “Green screen” technology for inserting images, slides, and video into the background
  • A large view-screen for live-viewing the final output
  • Two HD cameras for capturing production-quality digital video
  • Wireless lavaliere microphones

An activated lightboard causes UV-reactant markings on a clear surface to glow

Technical knowledge NOT required?

Luckily, instructors who use the space will have the benefit of working alongside a production manager who will operate the equipment and manage technical operations, and a consultant from CITL to help plan and refine a more engaging and meaningful presentation style to best fit your learning goals.

What IUB is doing...

Foreign Language and Communication

Easily film interactions to provide students with context and to play out various social situations.


An adjustable demo table makes illustrating points and processes a breeze.

Introduction to Lessons/Concepts

Provide your students with foundational knowledge for them to build on during class or an assignment.


These shortened lectures get into some detail but free up in-class time for hands-on projects and activities.

What to wear on camera...

Certain clothing items and accessories can create illusions or appear odd on camera. To avoid these distractions, come dressed for the camera. This means avoiding certain materials, patterns, and vivid colors.

  • Avoid tight patterns and pin stripes (which cause optical effects on camera) as well as any colors that might cause a person to blend into the background.
  • Avoid reflective or "shiny" materials (even shiny fabric) when using the "green screen". Due to how the cameras operate, these materials may appear as part of the background image.
  • Avoid wearing Green AND Blue when using the "green screen". If you must wear one of those colors, wear ONLY one of those colors but not both at the same time. (This applies to multiple people who will appear on camera simultaneously)
  • Make sure a lavaliere or lapel mic can be attached to your clothing near your chin.
  • Avoid wearing vivid or glossy colors; stick to softer tones. 

How to schedule the Faculty Media Production Space

Scheduling a time to work in this space at can be done by contacting Matt Barton. Prior to using this space, an Instructional Consultant will meet with instructors to discuss ideas and develop the most effective approach of capturing their presentation using the unique technologies available in this space.