Electronic Portfolios

Electronic Portfolios

Electronic portfolios come in a variety of forms and have many uses. They can be used within a course or series of courses to enable feedback from peers, reflection by the student, and evaluation by faculty (or non-faculty) evaluators. They can help track and synthesize a student’s progress through a program or academic career. They can serve as a repository for work that a student might want to showcase in different ways to different audiences. They can also be used at a programmatic level to look at aggregate achievement in a department or school.

At IU Bloomington, portfolio tools are part of Oncourse. If you are interested in working with portfolios, CITL staff will be happy to work with you to design your electronic portfolio experience. Instructors and students are also able to create ePortfolios in Canvas.

Implementing portfolio activities in a course takes some planning and requires that you clarify the goals and learning outcomes the portfolio will support. Implementing portfolios for programmatic assessment may require a year or more of planning and often overlaps with other department- or program-wide activities, such as curriculum mapping. CITL consultants can help with planning and implementation and provide examples of portfolio projects underway here and at other IU campuses.


Lorenzo, G. and Ittelson, J. (2005). An Overview of E-portfolios. Educause Learning Initiative Paper 1.

• This article provides a good entrance to the field, explains the major kinds of portfolios, and gives several examples of how portfolios are being used at a number of colleges and universities.

Dan Hickey on "Positioning Portfolios."

• Dan Hickey, Professor of Learning Sciences in the School of Education at IU Bloomington, talks about ways to position portfolios to encourage participation and help students make meaning. This interview was done after Dr. Hickey presented some of his work at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference in Bloomington in 2009.

Who Is Using Portfolios at IUB?

Faculty across the campus from all sorts of disciplines—languages, nursing, business, biology, public health—are exploring the use of portfolios in courses, throughout programs, and for overarching assessment.
The African Languages program is using portfolios to support competency-based instruction across five African languages.

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Oncourse portfolio environment: Help contents

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