SOTL Resources

SoTL Resources

At the Center, educational consultants with expertise in conducting classroom research are available to meet with individual instructors and collaborative teams working on teaching and learning projects of all kinds. The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning also has a lending library of theoretical and practical literature on the scholarship of teaching and learning and can help scholars obtain human subjects approval for their studies.

A variety of local resources support IU's Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program including:

The Bloomington Assessment and Research (BAR) office supports faculty, programs, campus initiatives, and the student experience by providing research and analyses for data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. A popular resource among departments and faculty for evaluating student academic success (i.e., graduation, academic performance) are the IUB Predictive Analytic Workbooks. Most recently, the BAR has been working with faculty who are writing grant proposals for the Bay View Alliance by providing campus level data that may help identify a potential area for further investigation. BAR is also working with individual faculty to assess the effectiveness of new teaching approaches in a classroom. For more information about BAR services please email or call Linda Shepard at 855-6236.

Teaching and Learning Gateway
Find all things related to teaching and learning on the Bloomington campus, including workshops, new stories, and showcases.

Protection of Human Subjects
SOTL scholars work closely with the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects to facilitate ethical classroom research and to educate SOTL faculty on these issues and on the procedures for obtaining necessary approvals.

Office of the Registrar
A simple request made by an instructor to the Office of the Registrar can provide researchers with timely demographic data about their students, including grade-point-average, enrollment, and retention data. This can be done in a way that protects students' privacy. Send your request for specific demographic data to

Teaching and Learning Research Guide for STEM & SBE
This Library Research Guide for faculty was created at UW-Madison to provide access to a broad range of resources, including: suggested education article databases, journals that publish teaching research by discipline, recommended books, and online resources (professional organizations, instructional materials repositories, assessment tools). The site was designed to support current and future faculty when they are doing Teaching-As-Research (SOTL-like) studies.