DEIJ Faculty Learning Community

Up-ending Equitable Student Engagement: Deliberately Bolstering Student Voice in an Inviting Learning Environment

It can be difficult to structure classroom discussions in ways that engage all students, particularly when differences among students can impact their interactions—how they are (dis)invited to participate by individuals and discussion structures, how they negotiate difference and disagreement, and how they navigate the overt and subtle power structures within a classroom. FLC members will work collaboratively to explore current classroom dynamics and challenge one another in connecting with students within difference, enhancing inclusive practices.  The group will strive to bring all students into the learning space and individualize student engagement through classroom activities designed to expand communication between and among students and faculty. FLC members are encouraged to devise planned activities in their classes, evaluating outcomes towards future activities to enhance student experiences. All teaching faculty are welcome to apply.  FLC meetings will occur twice per month, on Fridays 1:30-3:00pm (as scheduled by FLC members), beginning February 21 and concluding May 2, 2020.

Contact Tammi Nelson ( ) for questions and interest in participating.