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Teaching Resources

The resources listed here can provide you with some quick ideas on key teaching topics or starting points to explore various aspects of teaching. You can browse through the table of contents below or use the search box above to search our site. If you don’t find what you need, let us know and we will help you individually and develop a resource on that topic.

While some topics here refer to the use of learning technologies, more detailed technical help on a variety of applications can be found on the UITS Knowledge Base.

  1. Active Learning

  2. Effectively Using Videos in the College Classroom
  3. Assessment

  4. Associate Instructors

  5. Campus Climate

  6. Helping International (and ALL) Students Learn
  7. Strategies for Effective Classroom Management
  8. Collaboration

  9. Course Design

  10. Getting Started with Canvas
  11. Getting Started with Ensemble
  12. Getting Started with Piazza
  13. Getting Started with VoiceThread
  14. Decoding the Disciplines

  15. How Experts Get Past the Bottleneck
  16. Modeling Mental Operations for Students
  17. Providing Opportunities for Students to Practice the Mental Operations
  18. Motivating Students
  19. Assessing Students' Mastery of the Operations
  20. Sharing Results
  21. Discussion

  22. Diversity

  23. Helping International (and ALL) Students Learn
  24. Engagement

  25. Effective Use of Videos in the College Classroom
  26. Strategies for Effective Classroom Management
  27. Evaluations

  28. Groups

  29. Learning Technologies

  30. Getting Started with Ensemble
  31. Getting Started with Canvas
  32. Lectures

  33. Legal Issues

  34. Plagiarism


  35. Reflection 

  36. Rubric Design and Creation

  37. Rubrics and iRubric Support
  38. Rubric Creation: Four Simple Steps
  39. Service-Learning