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The Evolution of Self-Authorship: Findings from a 20-Year Longitudinal Study

Marcia Baxter MagoldaMarcia Baxter Magolda,
Distinguished Professor of Leadership,
Miami University
Friday, January 19, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation
Evolution of a Constructivist Conceptualization of Epistemological Reflection (Magolda, 2004)
Helping Students Make their Way to Adulthood (Magolda, 2002)

Marcia Baxter Magolda will share findings from her 20-year study of young adult learning and development, highlighting cognitive, identity, and relational growth necessary for transformative learning and the achievement of self-authorship. Using video clips to illustrate these findings, she will give the audience an opportunity to analyze the extent to which narratives from the study reflect the developmental journey of Indiana University students. Professor Baxter Magolda will also describe the Learning Partnerships Model that emerged from the study. This model articulates conditions that promote transformative learning and self-authorship. Descriptions of the model’s implementation in diverse contexts will help participants judge its utility in their own teaching.

Marcia Baxter Magolda is a Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership at Miami University. Her research addresses the evolution of learning and development in college and young adult life, the role of gender in development, and pedagogy to promote self-authorship. Her six books include Learning partnerships: Theory & models of practice to educate for self-authorship (2004), Making Their Own Way: Narratives for Transforming Higher Education to Promote Self-Development (2001), and Knowing and Reasoning in College (1992). Making Their Own Way received the Narrative & Research Special Interest Group Book of the Year Award in 2003 from the American Educational Research Association. She was named as one of 40 young leaders in academe by Change magazine and has received the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators’ Robert H. Shaffer Award for Excellence as a Graduate Faculty Member and the American College Personnel Association’s Contribution to Knowledge Award. She is executive editor of the journal About Campus: Enriching the Student Learning Experience. She has received research grants from the Wabash Center for Inquiry, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education, among others.