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Application for Community Partners Requesting an ACE

Note: All applications are reviewed and ACEs are placed for the academic year according to funding ability and the capacity of the Community Partner to work with a substantial amount of IU service-learners

* all fields are required. If problems persist, email equivalent information to Service-Learning Program.

Hours of Operation
Contact Person
Phone Number
1. Is your organization a 501(c)3 or in the public sector? If not, please explain.
2. How many volunteers does your organization work with each month?
3. Has your organization ever worked with IU students doing service as part of a course requirement (i.e. service-learning)? In what capacity and how often?
4. How do you envision infusing service-learning into your organization? List any specific projects or direct service roles that could utilize service-learners. Please include academic disciplines that would be applicable to the needs of your organization.
5. How might an ACE expand the capacity of your organization to work with IU service-learners?
6. What work would the ACE perform for your organization? Please note which responsibilities are already performed by organization staff and which responsibilities would be new to your organization.
7. Who would supervise the ACE?
8. What kind of work space would the ACE have?
9. What kind of skills should an ACE have to be successful in your organization?
10. How would you envision the role of the staff person supervising the ACE in terms of being a mentor to that student?