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2015 News Items

News items from 2015 are listed below.

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From the Director: Asking Questions about Teaching and Learning
Spring 2015
In speaking with a faculty colleague a few weeks ago about teaching and learning, I noticed our conversation was filled with phrases like “I wonder why…,” and “What do you think would happen if…,” and “What if my students and I….” Our musings were fast-paced and energizing, almost playful, and it left me with dozens of intriguing ideas and even more questions. Most of us have had those kinds of coffee-shop chats, the ones that inject excitement and energy into our teaching, and that keep us wondering about the best ways to get our students to engage with the disciplinary knowledge and skills we value so deeply. Read More

Spring 2015 Events Series: High-Impact Practices
Spring 2015
The CITL’s theme for the 2014-15 academic year is High-Impact Practices (HIPs). HIPs are activities that deepen students’ learning through extended, intellectually engaging, and educationally effective curricula that incorporate diversity and global learning, collaborative projects, service-learning, and/or intensive writing. Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Rasul Mowatt
Spring 2015
In his large class, Rasul Mowatt incorporates elements of both project-based and team-based learning. Students teams work to complete video projects that also structures writing projects. The result is an experience that helps students develop and articulate greater social awareness in their field. Read More

Announcing the Teaching with Canvas Pioneer Awards
Spring 2015
The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and University Information Technology Services are pleased to announce the “Teaching with Canvas Pioneer Awards” for the spring 2015 semester. The award of $2,500 is for documenting and sharing outstanding innovative student learning experiences with Canvas. The call for applications will open in early February, with an initial deadline of March 6th. Read More

Student Learning Analytics Fellows Program
Spring 2015
The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, in conjunction with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program, is pleased to announce the funding of faculty-driven research projects that will use learning analytics to foster student engagement, retention, and success at Indiana University. Read More

Information Literacy Grants Info Session: Fostering Student Inquiry through Instructor-Librarian Collaborations
Spring 2015
The IUB Libraries Information Literacy Grants have grown, offering new opportunities to course instructors and librarians for teaching partnerships that support students in critically engaging with and using information. Learn about the expansion of these Course Grants and Curriculum Grants and how to become involved on Friday, Febraury 6, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., in Wells Library E159, (Hazelbaker Hall) with Andrea Baer, Mike Courtney, Carrie Donovan and Brian Winterman.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant Recipients 2014-15
Spring 2015
In the fall of 2014, a total of 7 proposals, representing the work of 11 scholars from 6 different disciplines, were submitted to the SOTL Review Committee. The Review Committee, which is comprised of faculty from across the campus, awarded a total of $24,000 to fund the following research projects. Read More

Programs in Evidence-based Teaching for IUB Graduate Students
Spring 2015
Mid-career graduate student instructors at IUB productively reflect on their current teaching experiences and put those reflections into practice through experiences such as advanced pedagogy courses and learning communities. Read More

Decoding Emotional Bottlenecks in the History Classroom
Spring 2015
The understandings and preconceptions students bring into any classroom can interfere with learning and cause bottlenecks. Joan Middendorf, David Pace, and history graduate students and lecturers published about emotional bottlenecks in a history classroom. Read More

Geological Time, Biological Events, and the Learning Transfer Problem
Spring 2015
Researchers at Indiana University investigated a persistent misconception in geology sciences—timescale. A full comprehension of geologic time allows students to view Earth’s integrated biologic, chemical and physical events in their temporal sequence. Read More

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric
Spring 2015
The CITL will offer Applying the Quality Matters Rubric—QM’s workshop on the QM Rubric—free of charge on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This workshop is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors who wish to understand more about the QM rubric and peer review process. Read More

Helping International Students Address Written Assignments
Spring 2015
Although such questions tend to reach teaching centers like the CITL in relation to the US's growing population of international students, current practice asserts that good design helps both multilingual and native English-speaking students alike. Read More

Do You Need Help in Moving to Canvas?
Spring 2015
CITL consultants can help you move to Canvas. Our workshop series, including webinars, is designed to help novice through advanced users of Canvas. After attending a beginning workshop you can meet with us one-on-one to set up your Canvas course. You can also request a customized workshop for your group or department. Read More

Way to Sign Up for CITL Events
Spring 2015
The process for registering for a CITL event has become much easier with a better, more user-friendly interface. Visit our new Events page to see for yourself. Questions? Email: