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2012 News Items

News items from 2012 are listed below.

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From the Director: Taking a Scholarly Approach to Teaching
December 2012
Approaching our teaching with a scholarly attitude opens up new avenues for advancing student learning. “Problems” and challenges in teaching become opportunities for inquiry, drawing on our scholarly curiosity and desire for evidence-based practice. Read More

Teaching Focus: Bottlenecks and Threshold Concepts
December 2012
By focusing our teaching on bottlenecks and threshold concepts, we can lead students into the ways of knowing in our fields. Read More

CITL Welcomes New Staff Members
December 2012
This fall three individuals joined the CITL team: Miguel Lara, an instructional media developer; Kyle Leach, an instructional technology consultant; and Una Winterman, the Service-Learning ACE coordinator. Read more about CITL staff members on the CITL staff page.

Bay View Alliance Awarded Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant
November 2012
The CITL is pleased to announce that it will serve as a resource for IUB's participation in a grant awarded to the Bay View Alliance by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The grant will support research on leadership practices that encourage the widespread adoption of effective teaching methods in the sciences. At Indiana University, the areas of focus for applying Bay View Alliance research will be science, technology, informatics, and mathematics, or STIM. Read More

IU Recognized for Preparing Future Faculty Program
November 2012
The Council of Graduate Schools announced awards to seven universities, including IUB, to develop new approaches for enhancing graduate student skills and understanding in the assessment of undergraduate learning. The IUB proposal involved a collaboration between the Libraries Department of Teaching and Learning, the Biology Department, and the CITL. Read More

Faculty Innovation Spotlight: Melanie Marketon
November 2012
Dr. Melanie Marketon wanted students in her lab-based course, M360 Microbial Physiology, to have experience with real scientific research. Her solution was to abandon the the traditional science labs characterized by recipe-based experiments and little student-to-student interaction. Read More

2013 Grants and Awards Announced
November 2012
Spring deadlines for the Active Learning Grants, Summer Writing-Teaching Grants, Service-Learning Fellowships, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants are now available on the CITL website, along with descriptions of each award and application requirements. Read More

Spring 2013 Oncourse Sites Open to Instructors
November 2012
Instructors of record now have access to their spring 2013 course sites in Oncourse. Students will be able to access spring 2013 course sites beginning December 20, 2012. Instructors may un-publish their course sites (that is, prevent students from seeing them even after December 20) until they have prepared all their course materials. Visit the IU Knowledge Base for more information.

"Prediction, Probability, and Pigskin"
October 2012
Ben Motz, senior lecturer in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, is using the statistics-laden game of fantasy football to teach undergraduate students techniques for manipulating large datasets and engaging in quantitative methods of solving problems. Read More

Dr. Whitney Schlegel Selected for Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education
October 2012
Indiana University professor Dr. Whitney Schlegel (Biology) was recently selected as one of 40 national leadership fellows to serve on the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education (PULSE). Read More

2012-13 Faculty Learning Communities Underway
October 2012
This year's Faculty Learning Communities are off to a great start. Check out the FLC page on the CITL website to find descriptions of each FLC, and keep an eye out for formal reports from FLC particpants in the spring.

CITL Ribbon Cutting Celebrates New Home for Teaching and Learning Excellence
October 2012
Indiana University’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, newly co-located with the IU Libraries Department of Teaching and Learning on the second floor of the Herman B Wells Library at IU Bloomington, officially opened its doors October 30 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception. Read More

From the Director: Disruptive Innovation in Teaching and Learning
September 2012
Disruptive innovation occurs when new technologies or ideas introduce radically different behaviors. What happens when these disruptive innovations occur in higher education? Read More

Fall 2012 Programming Theme
September 2012
The CITL has established a programming theme to tie together a number of our workshops, seminars, and other events. The workshops in this year’s theme—“Learning out of Bounds”—explore how learning can happen in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. Read More

CITL on the Move
September 2012
A grand opening and ribbon cutting for the CITL’s new space will be held on Tuesday, October 30th, 3:30-5:00 p.m. Learn more about our new space and hold the date in your calendar. Read More

What Is Next@IU?
September 2012
Indiana University has embarked on a two-year period of experimentation with new learning technologies to find the best tools, whether they are institutional, cloud, open source, or commercial, to take IU into the future of teaching and learning. Pilots of Canvas and CourseNetworking are now beginning, and more trials and pilots will follow. Interested in participating in a pilot? Have an idea for a tool or technology to explore? Just want to find out more? Visit

CITL Friends Updates
September 2012
Earlier this year the CITL introduced CITL Friends updates, a new form of communication with our clients that complements our quarterly newsletters. CITL Friends updates distribute information about upcoming events and/or time-sensitive announcements on a weekly basis. Read More

Partnering with the CITL: Grant Writing Support
September 2012
CITL consultants can help you with grant proposals that include educational components. Read More

Faculty Innovation Spotlight: Cara Maffini
September 2012
Cara Maffini noticed how her increasingly diverse student population often struggled to ask questions in class, participate in group discussions, question the authority of texts, communicate concerns with instructors, and understand idioms and humor. In this spotlight, Cara describes how she managed these changing classroom dynamics in Creating Inclusive Classrooms.

CITL Grant and Award Recipients
September 2012
We are proud to introduce the recipients of our spring 2012 grants and fellowships. Read More

Teaching Tip: Creating Rubrics
September 2012
A rubric articulates the expectations for an assignment by listing the grading criteria and describing levels of quality from excellent to poor. The creation of a very specific rubric is one way that experts can draw out their own unconscious competence. Read More

Teaching Tip: Holding Students Accountable
September 2012
How can instructors ensure that students come to class with course assignments prepared and readings completed? According to research findings of IUB faculty and staff, the more assignments are structured to be authentic, public, and facilitative of peer interaction, the more likely students will be to complete them. Read More

New Faculty Orientation 2012
July 26, 2012
Day on Teaching events will be held on August 14 in various locations in the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center and the Wright School of Education. Read More

Featured Resource: Discussion Techniques
March 30, 2012
The purpose of discussion techniques is to provide practice and feedback for students in the skills you want them to develop. Read More

Innovative Writing Instruction Award: Application Deadline Extended
April 3, 2012
The deadline to apply for the Innovative Writing Instruction Award has been extended to Friday, April 13. Read More

Featured Resource: Discussion Techniques
March 30, 2012
The purpose of discussion techniques is to provide practice and feedback for students in the skills you want them to develop. Read More

Four IU Faculty Members Awarded Information Fluency Grants
March 29, 2012
Indiana University Libraries, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Information Fluency Grants. Four IU faculty members were each awarded $1500 to support redesigning their courses with a focus on information fluency. Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Jen Shang
March 27, 2012
Jen Shang, assistant professor at SPEA, made some unexpected discoveries about student learning as a result of her willingness to change the way she taught Organizational Behavior and Arts Management. Read More

From the Director: A New Home for the CITL
March 23, 2012
Construction has begun on a new home for the CITL in Wells Library. This unique "teaching commons" space is designed to promote the collaboration and community that are at the heart of our work with IUB faculty members. Read More

Two New Global Center Initiatives
March 22, 2012
The Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington (ICAB) Faculty Learning Community is accepting proposals for collaboration between IUB and Ivy Tech to help instructors re-design existing courses in order to more deliberately achieve and assess international learning objectives. The Institute for Curriculum and Campus Internationalization (ICCI) will be held May 20-23 and will focus on the internationalization of teaching, learning, and higher education more generally. Follow the links above for more information about these opportunities.

Clicker Day Is April 10
March 21, 2012
Join the CITL and Turning Technologies on April 10 for a series of workshops and presentations on using student response systems, commonly known as clickers. If you would like to observe clickers in use before Clicker Day, there will be several opportunities to do so in the week before. Read More

Adobe Day Is April 17
March 19, 2012
Have you used Adobe Connect, Presenter, or Captivate to support your teaching or improve student learning in your classes? The CITL is in the process of gathering examples to showcase at the annual Adobe Day at IU on April 17th, and we'd like to display your work. Please contact us if you have something we can include.

New Teaching Resource: Helping Culturally Diverse Students Understand Course Expectations
March 2, 2012
Just as the wider society is becoming more diverse, students At IUB are increasingly more ethnically, economically, socially, and racially diverse. How can we make experiences with those who are different from ourselves beneficial to everyone, both instructors and students? Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Linda Hoke-Sinex
March 1, 2012
Linda Hoke-Sinex helps girls navigate through adolescence by teaching a service-learning class that pairs IU students in her course, The Psychology of Girls in Adolescence, with girls at local middle schools. Read More

The CITL Introduces Weekly Updates
February 29, 2012 
The CITL will supplement these monthly newsletters with our CITL Friends list, a weekly e-mail message about upcoming events and deadlines. Sign Up Here

From the Director: Gamification
February 23, 2012
Gamification involves using elements of gaming—achievement badges, leaderboards, progress indicators, etc.—in order to engage students. It isn’t gaming, per se, but a way to understand and take advantage of common student motivators and love of games. Read More

New Process for Ordering eTexts
February 22, 2012 
Currently, only departmental textbook coordinators are able to order eTexts. Beginning this fall, however, all faculty members will be able to place an eText order via the Student Information System (SIS) for their spring 2013 classes. Read More

2012 Course Development Institute
February 22, 2012
Do you have plans to develop or revise a course over the summer? If so, you may wish to consider this year’s Course Development Institute, which is free of charge and open to all instructors at IU Bloomington. Read More

2012 Institute for Designing Online Courses (iDOC)
February 22, 2012 
The CITL will hold a summer institute during May and June to guide IUB instructors through the process of designing an online course. Space is limited, and participants must have a specific course to develop and approval from their department chair. Read More

Beth Gazley Receives Thomas Ehrlich Award for Service-Learning
February 21, 2012 
Dr. Beth Gazley, associate professor in SPEA, has been awarded the 2011 IU system-wide Thomas Ehrlich Award for Service-Learning. Read More

The Deadline for Ordering eTexts for the Summer Sessions Is March 20
February 20, 2012 
IU's eTexts initiative focuses on delivering eTexts to students at a reduced cost, while providing faculty members with new tools for teaching and learning. For more on eTexts at IU, including student and faculty benefits, visit Read More

Classroom Video Recording Service
February 13, 2012
The UITS Classroom Video Recording Service is available to record your class, and has created a new online form to request a video recording. Read More 

New Innovative Writing Instruction Award
January 31, 2012
The CITL seeks to recognize exceptional uses of writing instruction on the IU Bloomington campus through its newly established Innovative Writing Instruction Awards, providing $750 to as many as three recipients in the Spring 2012 semester. Read More

What Is Lecturing Good For?
January 31, 2012
Lecture time is more effective when used to model the kinds of thinking the instructor wants students to engage in. A good lecturer does not simply give an example, but in addition provides commentary about the "why" and "how" of the modeled behavior. Read More

From the Director: Why Risk and Failure Are Important in Learning
January 26, 2012
Taking intellectual risks is not comfortable for our students, but it is vital to their growth as learners. How do we help them embrace risk-taking in our classes? In part, it comes from showing them how risk and failure are part of what all expert learners encounter in the pursuit of knowledge. Read More

Games and Learning Event Series
January 26, 2012
Beginning on March 1 with a 9-day alternate reality game, the CITL has scheduled five workshops related to games and learning—including a SOTL lecture from the renouned James Gee. Read More 

Martin Luther King, Jr. 2012 Essay Contest Winners Announced
January 26, 2012
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee announced the winners of its 2012 Essay Contest at the MLK Leadership breakfast on Monday, January 16. Congratulations to Jamie Ehrenpreis (undergraduate written); Michael A. Goodman (graduate video); and Sola Lawal (graduate written). The MLK Essay Contest Committee is chaired by Laura Plummer, CITL Writing Program Director. Read More

Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA)
January 25, 2012
The Sakai Teaching and Learning community is seeking entries for the 5th annual TWSIA competition. Oncourse is the IU name for the Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment. Read More

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
January 25, 2012
On February 14, all IU first-year and senior students will receive an electronic invitation to complete the NSSE survey, which asks students about their undergraduate experience. Encourage your first-year and senior students to check their email and complete the survey. View 2011 Results 

Faculty Spotlight: Brian D'Onofrio
January 23, 2012
Professor D'Onofrio uses Just-in-Time Teaching to ensure students are prepared for lectures. Read More 

Information Fluency Grants Deadline Extended to February 24, 2012
January 23, 2012
Indiana University Libraries are pleased to offer three instructional development grants of $1500 each for the design or revision of a course to incorporate information fluency into undergraduate curricula. Read More 

Faculty Spotlight: Alwiya Omar
January 4, 2012
Professor Omar asks students to write and record stories in her Swahili classes to increase student motivation and performance. Read More

Service-Learning Reflection Sessions
January 4, 2012
ACEs are available to facilitate in-class or out-of-class reflection at the request of Service-Learning instructors. Complete this form to request ACEs for reflection sessions. Please submit your request at least one month prior to the anticipated date of the reflection process. Email for additional information. Available in Oncourse by Default
January 4, 2012
Starting January 4, will be automatically integrated into the Assignments 2 tool in Oncourse. Read More

From the Director: Managing Innovation (and Risk) in Your Teaching
January 3, 2012
As we in the CITL encourage and support innovative teaching at IU Bloomington, we recognize the need to help you and your faculty colleagues become informed risk-takers and learn how to innovate in the most productive ways. Read More 

Keep Teaching During Winter Emergencies
January 3, 2012
In the event of a weather emergency or widespread illness resulting in high absenteeism, instructors and students can continue with scheduled instructional activities. Read More 

Teaching Difficult Concepts Community of Practice Series Announced
January 3, 2012
Almost every instructor encounters moments in the classroom in which significant numbers of students have failed to understand something important despite our best efforts to teach them. By thinking about the places where students get stuck, instructors can learn how to prioritize course topics. Read More and Register