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Local Innovations

Innovation in itself is not enough. Just as important is the sharing of innovative discoveries with the larger community, so that new instructional approaches can be explored, adopted, and improved upon by others. The following examples showcase some of the larger initiatives CITL supports in advancing pioneering teaching approaches at IU Bloomington.

  • The Teagle Collegium on Inquiry in Action at Indiana University offers evidence on how to promote graduate-student reflection on teaching and student learning. Read More
  • Node chairs create a reconfigurable classroom chair that complements the way students learn. Read More
  • The CITL has developed, and partnered in the development of, several new environments that support and encourage collaborative and experimental study environments. Read More
  • The CITL has taken part in the development and support of five active learning classrooms on campus, including the Student Building's Collaborative Learning Studio and Cedar Hall's Learn Lab and Collaboration Café. Read More